The Kingdom of Swaziland is relatively small in area, similar in size to Kuwait. Swaziland is a landlocked country, bordered by South Africa on three sides except to the east, where it borders Mozambique.

Official Name: Umbuso weSwatini

Short Form: Swatini

International Short Form: Swaziland

Country Calling Code: +268

Capital City: Mbabane (capital, pop. 60 000), Lobamba (the royal and legislative capital)

Other Cities: Manzini (principal commercial city)

Government Type: Monarchy

Independence: 6 September 1968 (from UK)

Nationality: Swazi(s).

Population: 1.1 million (2004).

Ethnic Groups: Swazis 97%, European 3%.

Religion: 35% Protestant, 30% African Zionist, 25% Roman Catholic, 1% Muslim and Hinduism.

Languages: Swazi and English.

Natural Resources: Asbestos, coal, clay, cassiterite, hydropower, forests, small gold and diamond deposits, quarry stone, and talc.

Agriculture Products: Sugarcane, cotton, maize, rice, citrus, pineapples, sorghum, peanuts, cattle.

Industries: Mining (coal, raw asbestos), textiles, wood pulp, sugar, soft drink concentrates.

Currency: Emalangeni (SZL)

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