Senegal officially the Republic of Senegal is a country south of the Sngal River in western Africa. Senegal is bounded by the Atlantic Ocean to the west, Mauritania to the north, Mali to the east, and Guinea and Guinea-Bissau to the south.

Official Name: République du Sénégal

Short form: Senegal

Country Calling Code: +221

Capital City: Dakar

Other Cities: iourbel, Kolda, Kaolack, Louga, Saint-Louis, Thies, Tambacounda, Ziguinchor.

Government Type: Republic.

Independence: 4 April 1960 (from France).

Nationality: Senegalese (sing. and pl.)

Population: 12.9 million (2011)

Ethnic groups: Wolof 43%; Pular (Fulani, Peulh) and Toucouleur 23%; Serer 15%; Diola (Jola) 3.7%, Mandingo (Mandinka) 3%, Soninke 1.1%, and others 19%.

Religions: Muslim 95%, Christian 4%, traditional 1%.

Languages: French (official), Wolof, Pulaar, Serer, Diola, Mandingo, Soninke.

Natural Resources: Fish, peanuts, phosphate, iron ore, gold, titanium.

Agriculture Products: Peanuts, millet, corn, sorghum, rice, cotton, tomatoes, green vegetables; cattle, poultry, pigs; fish.

Industries: Agricultural and fish processing, phosphate mining, fertilizer production, petroleum refining, construction materials.

Currency: CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF).

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