Mali officially the Republic of Mali is a landlocked nation in Western Africa. Mali is the seventh largest country in Africa, bordering Algeria on the north, Niger on the east, Burkina Faso and the Cote d’Ivoire on the south, Guinea on the south-west, and Senegal and Mauritania on the west.

Official Name: République de Mali

Short Form: Mali

Country Calling Code: +223

Capital City: Bamoko (pop. 1 million)

Other Cities: Segou (200 000), Sikasso (120 000), Mopti (90 000), Gao (65 000), Kayes (65 000), Timbuktu (38 000).

Government Type: Republic

Independence: 22 September 1960 (from France).

Nationality: Malian(s).

Population: 14,5 million (2009)

Ethnic groups: Manding, Mande (Bambara or Bamana, Malinke, Sarakole, Soninke) 50%, Fulani, Songhai, Voltaic, Tuareg and Maur.

Religions:Muslim 90%, indigenous beliefs 9%, Christian 1%.

Languages: French (official) and Bambara (spoken by about 80% of the population).

Natural Resources: Gold, phosphate, kaolin, salt, and limestone. Agriculture Products, (42% of GDP): millet, sorghum, corn, rice, livestock, sugar, cotton, Groundnuts (peanuts), and tobacco.

Agriculture Products: Cotton, millet, rice, corn, vegetables, peanuts; cattle, sheep, goats.

Industries: Food processing; construction; phosphate and gold mining.

Currency: CFA Franc BCEAO (XOF)

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