Guinea, officially Republic of Guinea is a country in West Africa, formerly known as French Guinea. Guinea’s territory has a curved shape, with its base at the Atlantic Ocean, inland to the east, and turning south. The base borders Guinea-Bissau and Senegal to the north, and Mali to the north and north-east; the inland part borders Cote d’Ivoire to the south-east, Liberia to the south, and Sierra Leone to the west of the southern tip.

Official Name: République de Guinee

Short Form: Guinee

Country Callling Code: +224

Capital City: Conakry (pop. 1.5 million).

Other Cities: Guéckédou (pop. 350 000), Boké (pop. 300 000), Kindia (pop. 280 000), N’Zérékoré (pop. 300 000), Macenta (pop. 280 000), Mamou, Kankan (270 000), Labe (250 000).

Government Type: Republic

Independence: 2 October 1958. Anniversary of the Second Republic, 3 April 1984.

Nationality: Guinean(s)

Population: 1.5 million (2012)

Ethnic Groups: Fulani 40.3%; Malinke 25.8%; Susu 11.0%; Kissi 6.5%; Kpelle 4.8%, other ethnic groups 11.6%.

Religions: Muslim 85%, Christian 8%, traditional beliefs 7%.

Languages: French (official); Soussou,Fula, Maninka , Kissi , Toma, Guerze; plus various ethnic groups with their own language.

Natural Resources: Bauxite, iron ore, diamonds, gold, water power, uranium, fisheries.

Agriculture Products: Rice, coffee, pineapples, palm kernels, cassava (tapioca), bananas, sweet potatoes; cattle, sheep, goats; timber.

Industries: Bauxite, gold, diamonds; alumina refining; light manufacturing and agricultural processing industries.

Currency: Guinea Franc (GNF)

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