Gabon is a country in west central Africa sharing borders with Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon, Republic of the Congo and the Gulf of Guinea.

Official Name: République Gabonaise

Short Form: Gabon

Country Calling Code: +241

Capital City: Libreville (pop. 450 000)

Other Cities: Port-Gentil (120 000), Lambaréné, Franceville, Mouila, Tchibanga, Makokou, Koulamoutou, Port-Gentil, Oyem.

Government Type: Republic

Independence: 17 August 1960 (from France).

Nationality: Gabonese

Population: 1.5 million (2010 UN estimate)

Ethnic groups: Over 40 ethnic groups: Fang (34%), Bapounou (22%), M’Bete (14%), Bandjabi (11%), Bakota (6%), and Myene (5%).

Religions: Christianity, Islam, Indigenous beliefs.

Languages: French (official), Fang, Myene, Bateke, Bapounou/Eschira, Bandjabi.

Natural Resources: Petroleum, natural gas, diamond, niobium, manganese, uranium, gold, timber, iron ore, hydropower.

Agriculture Products: Cocoa, coffee, sugar, palm oil, rubber; cattle; okoume (a tropical softwood); fish.

Industries: Petroleum extraction and refining; manganese, and gold mining; chemicals; ship repair; food and beverage; textile.

Currency: Communaute Financiere Africaine Francs CFA (XAF)

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