Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso, also known by its short-form name Burkina, is a landlocked nation in West Africa. It is surrounded by six countries: Mali to the north, Niger to the east, Benin to the south east, Togo and Ghana to the south, and Cote d’Ivoire to the south west.

Official Name: Burkina Faso. Short Form: Burkina.

Country Calling Code: +226.

Capital City: Ouagadougou (pop.1 million)

Other Cities: Bobo-Dioulasso (450,000), Koudougou (90,000), Banfora, Dori, Fada N’Gourma, Ouahigouy.

Government Type: Parliamentary Republic

Independence: 5 August 1960 (from France).

Nationality: Burkinabe.

Population: 15.7 million (2010)

Ethnic Groups: 63 ethnic groups among which are Mossi (almost half of the total population), Bobo, Mande, Lobi, Fulani, Gourounsi, and Sénoufo.

Religions: Muslim 55%, Christian 25%, Traditional beliefs 20%.

Languages. French, Mooré, Dioula, Fulfuldé, others.

Natural Resources: Manganese, limestone, marble; small deposits of gold, phosphates, pumice, salt.

Agriculture Products: Cotton, peanuts, shea nuts, sesame, sorghum, millet, corn, rice; livestock

Industries: Cotton lint, beverages, agricultural processing, soap, cigarettes, textiles, gold.

Currency: Communaute Financiere Africaine franc (XOF).

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