Angola officially the Republic of Angola is a country in south-central Africa bordering Namibia to the south, Democratic Republic of the Congo to the north, and Zambia to the east, and with a west coast along the Atlantic Ocean. The exclave province Cabinda has a border with the Republic of the Congo and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Official Name: República de Angola (Republic of Angola)

Short Form: Angola

Country Calling Code: +244

Capital: Luanda (pop. 3.8 million)

Government Type: Republic.

Independence: 11 November 1975 (from Portugal).

Major Cities: Huambo (750 000); Benguela (600 000)

Nationality: Angolan(s)

Populatuion: 20.6 million (2012)

Ethnic groups: Ovimbundu 37%, Kimbundu 25%, Bakongo 13%, mixed racial 2%.

Religions: Christians 88%, indigenous beliefs.

Languages: Portuguese (official), Ovimbundu, Kimbundu, Bakongo, and others.

Natural Resources: Petroleum, diamonds, iron ore, phosphates, copper, feldspar, gold, bauxite, uranium.

Agriculture Products: Bananas, sugarcane, coffee, sisal, corn, cotton, manioc (tapioca), tobacco, vegetables, plantains; livestock; forest products; fish.

Industries: Petroleum; diamonds, iron ore, phosphates, feldspar, bauxite, uranium, and gold; cement; basic metal products; fish processing; food processing; brewing; tobacco products; sugar; textiles.

Currency: Kwanza(AOA).

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